Dialed In to Dial Back


Los Angeles, CA | iPhone 7 Plus

This photo was taken last summer at the conclusion of a trip to Los Angeles. Me and two really good friends, whom I met via Flickr nearly a decade ago while I was living in Washington, D.C. decided to meet in L.A. for the sole purpose of making photos, and hitting the refresh button creatively speaking. Shout out to Yonas and Ed.

During Flickr's heyday, I attended a few Flickr meetups in D.C. where I was fortunate enough to make lifelong friends (like the two that I hung out with in LA) and it was an avenue for me to meet other photographers. Through Flickr I was able to show my work to a larger audience and lucky enough to get noticed to be invited to show my work at local exhibitions and gallery around town. I still pinch myself when I tell people "Yeah, I've had my photos on exhibit in the nation's capital"

I write all this to say, that Flickr will always have a special place in my heart. It's where sharing photos online really started for me. It's given me something that Instagram never could, and that's the true feeling of nostalgia, real friendships.

I'm coming back to Flickr, but sometimes I feel like I never left.

Stay shootin', shoot for self.


Dialed In: Son

Magnuson Park, Seattle, WA | iPhone 7 Plus

Magnuson Park, Seattle, WA | iPhone 7 Plus

I haven't shared photos much lately. Mainly because I’ve been documenting my family and I’ve refrained from sharing photos of them online, especially our son. I don't know why, am I being too paranoid? In this day and age there are just some things I'd like to keep for myself. Nonetheless, document your days and share them with the ones you love.

At home Seattle, WA | iPhone 7 Plus

At home Seattle, WA | iPhone 7 Plus