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Did you know the average American reads 12 books a year? Give me a pat on the back, better yet fist bump. Make that a dad fist bump where the fist explodes. Ahhh yeah, because I’m no average American.

This year I’ve read 19 books.

I challenged myself to read 15 books in 2019. Now these aren’t books that I’m reading to my two year old son before bed, although I should count those too, ha. I swore I’ve read the Hungry Caterpillar like a million times.

Shout out my homie Ed Underwood for inspiring me to get on this book train. Now that dude reads. I sent him text that I read 15 books a couple of weeks ago and he responded “I’ve read 30 already…” We get it Ed you read.

Anyway to hold myself accountable I’m going to start sharing my reads here on my blog under the category of Bookmark. If you have any book recommendations send ‘em my way.

***Dad fist bump***

Titles I’ve read this year.

Titles I’ve read this year.

Last night during the thunderstorms that rolled in on Seattle with the DirectTV flickering in and out I decided to finish Hold Still by Sally Mann. Coincidentally the first edition of Bookmark would be about a photographer, that wasn’t on purpose. I’ve just been lazy in updating the blog. Keepin’ 100 as the kids say. Here’s my super short take on the book. Don’t worry no spoilers here.


I’ve been meaning to read this book for years. I really enjoyed the parts where she refers to her family journals weaving vivid memories of her past. Makes me want to be more diligent in putting pen to paper and documenting my own life for generations to come. This book touches on race and class in ways I hadn't expected. Sally Mann is a gifted writer and her prose are especially touching when she writes about her nanny "GeGe" With Hold Still Sally Mann proves she so much more than a photographer.