As You Grow

Ever since my son was born I’ve been photographing with intent. The intent to document, preserve and tell a story for future generations of our family. Lofty I know. The photographs I’ve been making over the past two years have centered around my wife and son. Witnessing this relationship grow from day one is something that I really can’t put into words so I won’t even try. I’m just glad I’m around with camera to my eye to document it all.

As You Grow Vol 2. Documenting my son’s second year.

As You Grow Vol 2. Documenting my son’s second year.

What am I doing with this body of work? For starters very little of it makes its way online in the form of social media. I do share these images with family and close friends by way of a private family blog. Most importantly, I’m printing. I can’t stress this enough…print your photos. I’ll write a separate post on my printing process, but stop reading this post, go to your phone or your computer select photos and PRINT. Just do it.


For this book I made selects throughout the year, designed with Blurb Bookwright using “auto layout” , and hit print. About “auto layout” I was lazy with sequencing, these photos are sequenced in the order they were made. Super simple.


Is this a long term personal project? Not sure. I’m still working out what I’m doing in documenting my family. By that I mean there’s no artist statement, theme or grandiose philosophy. What’s important to me is that I’m MAKING these images and SHARING them with the people closest to me.


AS YO GROW, I guess is me, a dad, simply documenting our days for our family.

The long game is that by the time my son grows up and ventures out his own there will be printed images in both book form and boxes of photographs for him to take with him. I may not be around but he’ll at least have these photos. I’m gonna stop right there because my eyes are all watery, damnit.


Document your days. Print your photos. Peace.