Film: Love Hate

Finally got around to developing some film. To be honest, while I love shooting film developing and scanning myself has gotten tedious. I just don’t have the time any longer to set aside for marathon developing sessions followed up by marathon scanning sessions. I’m beginning to hate this part of the process. I know hate is such a strong word. Don’t get it twisted film will always have a place in my life. While most days I have my Fuji X-Pro2 slung across my shoulder rest assured there’s also a point and shoot film camera in my bag, whether it be my Holga 120N, Olympus Stylus or Leica Mini Zoom.

Luckily in Seattle we still have a few dedicated analog labs operating and thriving with the resurgence of film. I may just go ahead and support these local businesses and start sending a few rolls there way. Everybody wins.

Seattle Film Labs