Hope & Change

It seems like I’ve written some iteration of this post here over the years. I guess I’m still trying to figure it out.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my photography, or shall I say photography in general. Specifically how and where to share my photos. I’m all for social media, I met some of the coolest people whom I call dear friends over a decade ago on Flickr.

Honestly, I think the last presidential election really turned me off from social media. Photos of my family along with the vitriol found in many of these spaces seemed out of place.

These days Instagram isn’t doing it for me. By no means am I striving to be instafamous or infamous I just don’t find the platform satisfying at all. Twitter is well Twitter. Facebook seems to be bungling privacy everyday and Russian bots, can’t forget about the Russian bots.

All this to say I’m changing my posting habits and hope to be using this space…my space (dad joke) a whole lot more.

To hope and change. Peace.