Self Publishing

What up folks? I haven’t posted in a while, but I have been creating. I’ve self published three zines of various projects and I’m hooked. The first zine Cabin Life was a simple test using Blurb. The photos in Cabin Life document a trip to the mountains this winter with my family and close friends. Litrato is an ode to the picture magazines of my youth like Time, Life, National Geographic . Litrato in my native tongue Tagalog means photograph or picture. This will be a serial magazine I hope to publish every 3 months or so. The last zine titled Los Angeles Times is made up of street photography from a trip to Los Angeles with some good friends of mine from D.C. whom I met back in the day on Flickr, yeah we old school. Every year we take a trip called the Brotographers Retreat with the goal of reconnecting and making images.

Shooting with intent has changed my photography and allowed me to focus (pun intended) on what truly matters...what’s in front of my camera. I want to move on and evolve from the single image to a narrative, telling stories. We’ll see how this goes.