The Year That Wasn't: 2018

I’ve been thinking for some time what I’d like to do with this space. I’ve had this blog forever and a day. And despite all the social media fads, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or whatever else in the digital ether, this blog has been steadfast and loyal, even when I haven’t reciprocated.   

I’m looking to change that in 2019. How you ask? Well, I know this blog has a very limited audience, and over the years that’s been on purpose.  Instead of publishing dispatches for the world to see, this blog has mainly an audience of one…me. Oh and my mom, so an audience of two.  

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to read and write more. I used to love writing, when I was in middle school and through college. When I started working in public relations and marketing, I began  writing for others and lost the passion for the written word. A lot has changed obviously since college. But I want to treat this space more a sketchbook, dairy, a journal if you well. Ya know a weblog. Returning to its original intent. This certainly won’t be a nicely curated set of images once might see on Instagram. It’s gonna be sloppy, messy, and coloring all out of the lines. 

Hopefully my mom will continue to read this blog anyway. 

Happy New Year.